Ready, Set, GO!

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Ready, Set, GO!

Well after many years of anticipation my dream has come true. I have landed in a place that makes me happy to be who I am, who I have become, and who I will be. I have learned dreams do not come true with little or no work, nor defeat, failure or heartache. Over the course of my life I have held in some of my deepest feelings, regrets, and sorrow that has constantly eaten away at the person that I was trying to become. The hardest thing for me to understand and acknowledge is the fact that one must take care of their-self before taking care of others. Like Rupaul is famous for saying “If you cant love yourself how the hell can you love someone else”. All joking aside, one must first be happy with who they are, within their own skin, before making a commitment to care and be passionate for another, whether a sibling, partner or etc… Over my young 24 years of life I have made it my mission to help others, promote a happy environment and push people to reach for the sky. But while doing so I have lost track of my vision, mission, and goals for my life.

With this very sudden, recent, and abrupt move to Boston, I have finally set in motion the groundwork for the foundation of my personal pursuit of happiness. With the new surroundings, new friendships, and indulging myself with people who have the same mindset, I have cleared the canvas to paint a picture of who I want to be as a person.

As I am writing this, I find myself going through a range of emotions including sadness, sorrow and heartache, none of which are bad.  Everyone should look at the past and learn from the mistakes for which they have made and pursue life with the knowledge they have gained. In my opinion I do not look at a mistake as a failure. The past can not be changed, nor do I believe what the future has in store can be altered. Our destiny is not defined. Therefore, we must take life as it comes and continue to build upon the events, surroundings, and experiences that we are faced with both in the present and future.

Shawn…. March 11 2012 9:27pm

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