Defend Starbucks from NOM’s Hate-Fueled Campaign ACT NOW!

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Defend Starbucks from NOM’s Hate-Fueled Campaign ACT NOW!

Take a minute to help out our friends at Starbucks. See the Human Rights Campaigns petition for support.

Starbucks has made a huge impact in the national fight for LGBT equality, and now it’s under attack from one of the most antagonistic anti-gay groups in the country.

The Seattle-based, Fortune 500 company was one of the first corporate backers of our victorious marriage equality campaign in Washington state – and it has consistently received very high ratings on HRC’s Corporate Equality Index for the last five years.

But now Starbucks is facing a boycott campaign from the National Organization for Marriage, the anti-gay group backing anti-equality campaigns around the country. They’re calling on their supporters to “Dump Starbucks” for “attempting to force its misguided values on citizens.”

But we know better – and NOM’s tactics won’t fly. Starbucks is helping propel the civil rights battle of our generation forward, not forcing any views on anybody.

Starbucks deserves our support for standing on the right side of history. A show of gratitude right now as NOM’s desperate campaign intensifies – will remind Starbucks executives of the majority of Americans who share their fair-minded, pro-equality stance.

Click here: Support HRC and Starbucks

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